Auto Machine Shop in Pierre, SD

Thanks to our full-service machine shop, Zander Auto Parts & Machine Shop is able to provide component customization services to customers and their vehicles. Whether you’ve got a part that needs to be machined or you’re buying a new stock part that requires customization to fit your vehicle, we’re happy to help. Our extensive scope of abilities includes:
auto machine shop

  • Engine boring:
    Boring out your engine block can help refurbish your engine or add performance. Count on our team for precision engine boring in Pierre, SD. We also stock all of the parts you’ll need for your newly-bored engine, including properly-sized rings.
  • Engine modification:
    From valve re-facing to line honing, flywheel resurfacing to crank journal grinding, we deliver the engine modifications needed to unlock performance and improve efficiency. Our ultimate goal is to unlock the full potential of your engine.
  • Driveshaft repair:
    If your driveshaft needs refurbishing or is due for service, bring it to us! We specialize in drive shaft repair in Pierre, SD, restoring this critical component on virtually any vehicle.
  • Alternator repair:
    Problems with your vehicle’s electrical system can often be traced to a faulty alternator. Our team can pinpoint inefficiencies or problems and solve them to restore this crucial part.

auto machine shopWith a shop that’s fully equipped to machine virtually any part of your engine, driveshaft or other mechanical system, Zander Auto Parts & Machine Shop is able to provide the customization services your unique vehicle needs. We machine with expert precision and always to the exact specifications you need.

Contact us today at 605-224-9221 to inquire about our machining capabilities or to speak with a professional with any questions you might have.

* Please note that we do not offer auto repairs or mechanical services. Any machining performed out of our machine shop requires parts already be taken out of your vehicle or purchased separately, pre-installation.