Paint & Body in Pierre, SD

Upkeep and detailing are two of the best ways to keep your car looking great for as long as you own it. Washing and waxing the exterior, alongside cleaning and polishing the interior, are superb ways to refresh the appeal and comfort of your car. Zander Auto Parts & Machine Shop will make sure you have all of the necessary products to care for your vehicle, inside and out.

pain and body services

  • Auto paint:
    Need to touch up a few scrapes and scratches? We’ll match the hue of your car perfectly and provide you with the right auto paint in Pierre, SD, so you can make those minor blemishes disappear.
  • Auto waxes:
    Waxing is a great way to restore the shine of your car, while also protecting it. Choose from carnauba and synthetic options, as well as liquids and sprays. We sell waxes from some of the best name brands.
  • Auto buffers:
    Come to us for all of the buffing supplies you’ll need to beautify your vehicle. We have orbital buffers, as well as microfiber buffing cloths and more.
  • Auto cleaners:
    The right auto cleaners in Pierre, SD go a long way towards protecting your car’s interior and exterior. Come to us for safe soaps and polishes, as well as interior dash cleaners and upholstery treatment products.

Keeping your car’s interior and exterior clean and beautiful will go a long way towards improving its lifespan. We’re happy to be able to provide customers with a complete selection of paint and body products, so they can care for their vehicle at a high level.

Stop in today to see our full selection of products for yourself or to speak with any of our knowledgeable staff members. You can also call 605-224-9221 to see if we stock a particular product you might be looking for.